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This wiki is about finding new information and it's mission is to fill your curiosity. This is a wiki where you can read new articles or be apart of the team and edit yourself. Our subject is an almanac, or encyclopedia full of information. You can edit existing articles to make them better, or you can add pages to expand the wiki.The added information will be monitored for correct information. I hope you find what your looking for, please add to Aggrenary to better the wiki!

Describe your topic[edit | edit source]

Our topic at Aggrenary is an almanac or an encyclopedia edited by the users themselves. This wiki is user friendly and user ran. The wiki however, is overseen for accurate information. When you do add a page, if you copy for a different source, please site your source and state that all rights reserved go to ______________(Wherever you got the information from). Also if your editing please make sure that if they have a source sited, to make sure it stays on. Thank you, your cooperation is appreciated.

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